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Nick Simpson For Superior Court Clerk Of Cobb County


Thank you for visiting the campaign site for Nick Simpson. Nick is running for Cobb County Superior Court Clerk with a clear vision for a transparent, accountable, and efficient Clerk’s Office in 2024.


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Nick’s Vision

Nick Simpson’s campaign is driven by a vision anchored in Accountability and Transparency. As a candidate, Nick is committed to ensuring that the inner workings of the Superior Court Clerk’s Office are open, honest, and accessible to all. He believes that a government that is accountable to its citizens is a government that can truly serve its people.

But Nick’s vision extends far beyond transparency alone. He seeks to create the county’s first advanced Real Estate Property Fraud Protection System to safeguard our community’s interests. This innovative approach will not only protect homeowners but also bolster the county’s reputation as a safe and secure place to live and invest.

Moreover, Nick is dedicated to rebuilding office culture and morale, creating a workplace that empowers and engages staff. A motivated team is essential to delivering the exceptional services that Cobb County residents deserve.

Lastly, Nick believes that a government should be deeply connected to its community. He’s passionate about fostering Community Engagement—ensuring that the voices, concerns, and aspirations of our residents are heard and acted upon. Together, we can shape a brighter future for Cobb County that thrives on accountability, innovation, and a strong bond between government and the people it serves. Join us on this journey towards a better, more vibrant community.

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Join us in this transformative journey to reshape the future of the Cobb County Superior Court Clerk’s office. Together, we can build a more accountable, efficient, and community-focused institution that serves the needs of all residents. Your support and vote will drive our commitment to progress and positive change.

Nick Simpson Superior Court Clerk 2024 Campaign: Efficiency, Transparency, Accountability

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