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Nick Simpson

Nick Simpson brings a wealth of experience from his tenure at Georgia’s Superior Courts, where he dedicated himself to helping individuals navigate the complexities of the justice system, from divorce to child support. With his background in public service and extensive research on legal matters, he is uniquely qualified to serve as Clerk of Superior Court.


A Strong History

Nick Simpson is the only candidate for Clerk of Superior Court with a background in the Georgia criminal justice system as a former employee of the Superior Courts of Georgia. His career in public service began at the Superior Court of Fulton County – Georgia’s business trial court of general jurisdiction – where he served as an Administrative Coordinator in the Family Law Information Center assisting people who, without legal representation, represented themselves in cases ranging from divorce to child support. He interfaced with people on a daily basis with the mission of ameliorating the frustration associated with navigating the justice system. He later served the Court as an aide to Chief Judge Emeritus Thelma Wyatt Moore. In this capacity, he conducted extensive research on issues of judicial ethics, public education, the criminal justice system, drug policy, and mental health.

Nick’s work at the Court afforded him the opportunity to gain the institutional knowledge and people skills necessary to maneuver the inner workings of a justice system that was in transition and ever changing to meets the needs of its citizens. In 2004, He took a leave of absence from the Fulton Superior Court to campaign for the office of Clerk of Superior Court of Cobb County. He campaigned on a platform of “modernizing access to information” to address the county’s fast growing population and the ever growing need to record, store, and provide access to large volumes of secured public data.

He left the Court to pursue a graduate degree in New York State and later held key positions in New York State and New York City government before returning to Georgia to serve as Chief Operations Officer for the Cobb County Clerk of Superior Court’s office where he pushed for greater property fraud protections and the transfer of all earned passport fees generated by the Clerk’s office back to the Cobb County treasury instead of being pocketed by the current Clerk as personal income.

Engaging with residential and commercial property owners to bring awareness to the purpose of the Cobb Board of Equalization is a top priority for Nick when elected to Clerk of Superior Court

Born at Northside Hospital on Pill Hill, Nick Simpson attended Powers Ferry Elementary School, J.J. Daniell Middle School and graduated from North Cobb High School where he was the school mascot, and was awarded the Principal’s Medallion. He went on to attend Hampton University where he earned an undergraduate degree in Finance with Departmental Honors. He later completed his Master of Public Administration degree from the School of Public and International Affairs at Columbia University.

Nick is currently the Principal and Founder of njs2133, LLC, a consultancy focused on advising clients on the implementation of secure and efficient document control systems and procedures.

As Cobb County’s next Clerk of Superior Court, Nick has resolved to prepare the Clerk’s office to meet the demands of the future. It is important that the next Clerk anticipates the challenges caused by explosive population growth, the proliferation of cyber fraud, agency budgetary constraints, and a host of other variables. Nick will focus on ensuring that case counts tallied by the Clerk’s office are accurate in an effort to avert the double counting of cases that occurred in the Clerk’s office in 2014 and 2015. He also plans to engage residential and commercial property owners to bring awareness to the purpose of the Cobb Board of Equalization whose supervision was transferred from the Cobb Tax Commissioner to the Clerk of Superior Court.

He fully embraces cyber security  technology and the implementation of software and policies to maintain the integrity of the County’s public records.

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